Love, Sex & Dhoka (Betrayal)




Just saw LSD, and even though the movie does not provide any answers, it made me ask some.Every guy or gurl goes through all these atleast I did.I’ve been supposedly in love so many times, and yet never been in love. First there was attraction, but when the guy was mine, all I could do was compare him with other guys.While murmuring sweet nothings in his ears I would be thinking of all the faults in him ( how he eats with his mouth open, how he drools  etc etc) 

Then there was a guy I was dating but was not in love with, he used to emotionally blackmail me ( more in detail in some other post ) and I wasn’t able to breakoff with him, at the same time I fell in love with a close of friend of mine – he was just perfect from my point of view – caring , romantic, best friend, could make me laugh n all 

Everything was going on just fine , till my extra possessive boyfriend got to know about my new love & my cheating heart. At the same time the love of my life had a one night stand with his close friend. betrayal met betrayal & my heart got broken in the whole process. 

Some may say that after all this I did not deserve love in my life, but I fell in love again, this time with a guy much junior to me , knowing that relation has no future still… 

Now, both of  us are helping each other find our life partner – someone who can be our soulmate & the love of our lives…