Single Girls Guide to Handling Rejection in Arranged Marriage



By Michal Marcol on

When you are considering arranged marriage, you are bound to face rejection for some of the proposals you send out (revert to newspaper ad or through on-line matrimonial sites) or from the guys / his parents you meet. Here are some tips on how to manage that rejection and move on.


  1. BE GRACEFUL: If you have been interacting with guy and he has rejected you, tell him that it was pleasure knowing him and you wish him well in his soul mate search. Ask him if he would like to give you a reason for rejection.  Do not try to justify or give explanation to him. I repeat do not explain or justify and ask for another chance unless there was some major misunderstanding. NO BEGGING FOR ANOTHER CHANCE. MAINTAIN YOUR DIGNITY.
  2. GRIEVE: Give yourself time to process the rejection. Eat that pizza and ice-cream. Cry.  Do not become despondent.
  3. TALK TO A TRUSTED FRIEND / FAMILY MEMBER: Use your best friends shoulder to lean on, tell them how you are feeling. They can help to bring you out of your grief and sort out what went wrong.

TIME FRAME: SHORT TERM (week to a Month)

  1. REVIEW YOUR PROFILE: Be realistic about the image you are projecting in terms of words, hobbies, and photographs. Any mismatch in the profile and real you will lead to rejection at later stage.  Leading to heart break.
  2. PHOTOGRAPHS: Do not Photoshop your photos to look slimmer, fairer. Remember you need to actually meet this guy before marriage. Get some good photographs clicked , should include some casual non studio pictures.


  1. DEVELOP HOBBIES: Having a successful hobby will give you the confidence. Confidence is attractive.
  2. WORK ON YOURSELF: Join a gym to lose weight, learn the art of make-up, and invest in clothes that make you look good, go for regular facials, manicures and pedicures. Read.
  3. TALK WITH PARENTS: If your parents are managing your partner search, talks to them on what you want, don’t want. This is about you and your life. It’s better to marry late, than to marry just anyone and getting DIVORCED or having an UNHAPPY MARRIAGE.




Finding an apartment : Single girl checklist

I have been living alone in Pune, for about 3 years now…Decided to look for a new flat to rent as lease was about to expire, was facing some problems with landlord and wanted to move to a place, where I will have some kind of social life.

Shortlisted Aundh as  the final location, but finding a nice apartment to my liking and in my budget was a tough job.

Started with looking at 1 bedroom flat and finally zeroed in on a 2 bhk apartment. During this month long house hunt learnt that any single girl living alone should check the following things before finalizing the apartment.

1> General safety of location

2>Availability of parking space if you drive or distance from the bus stop / auto stand.

3> Frequency of public transport

4> Approach to your flat – is it well lighted & safe

5> Is there enough public around & is the area well lit during your normal commute timings

6> Actual commute timing ( it may be close, but due to traffic conditions , may take  a longer time , so check it out before finalizing)

7> Never take a flat on ground floor – its easiest to break into

8> If possible opt for a flat in a society, with security guards. If not possible check with neighbours on security

9> Distance from nearest grocery store – you are bound to forget a few items, you wantesd to buy & a nearby grocery store will come in handy for those urgent purchases.

Other things you may want to consider are nearness to gym/beauty parlour/home-delivery/mess/doctor/chemist etc.

Have fun, house hunting.

Love, Sex & Dhoka (Betrayal)




Just saw LSD, and even though the movie does not provide any answers, it made me ask some.Every guy or gurl goes through all these atleast I did.I’ve been supposedly in love so many times, and yet never been in love. First there was attraction, but when the guy was mine, all I could do was compare him with other guys.While murmuring sweet nothings in his ears I would be thinking of all the faults in him ( how he eats with his mouth open, how he drools  etc etc) 

Then there was a guy I was dating but was not in love with, he used to emotionally blackmail me ( more in detail in some other post ) and I wasn’t able to breakoff with him, at the same time I fell in love with a close of friend of mine – he was just perfect from my point of view – caring , romantic, best friend, could make me laugh n all 

Everything was going on just fine , till my extra possessive boyfriend got to know about my new love & my cheating heart. At the same time the love of my life had a one night stand with his close friend. betrayal met betrayal & my heart got broken in the whole process. 

Some may say that after all this I did not deserve love in my life, but I fell in love again, this time with a guy much junior to me , knowing that relation has no future still… 

Now, both of  us are helping each other find our life partner – someone who can be our soulmate & the love of our lives… 







Passport Office Woes


Needed a passport in a hurry , lost my last passport & have to go to Germany in May ( just moved into a global profile, which will require loads of travel )


Landed at passport office at 11:30 A.M , based on time given to me by my agent ( yeah went for one , didnt have time to get my paperwork done). The agent helped me complete my paperwork , while I sat in comfort & had a nice glass of juice.

Then, came shock of the lifetime – I had to to pay 3 times the fees as required by passport authority to these torts. Couldn’t turn back then as the papers were already signed & done. 

But, all said & done about the fee part it took me only an hour to get the whole paperwork processed at the passport office, while there were huge queues inside waiting for their chance since the morning. The callous attitude of the passport officers towards the throngs was to be seen to be believed.

There was a young lady in queue who had a 10 month old babe with her- but she was made to move from queue to queue to get her work done, in the summer heat.

Made me wonder when will our processes improve so that young mothers & elderly people will not have to suffer, when we dont have to depend on torts to get our passports ready on time.

But till that happens, go ahead answer this simple poll


Hi All…

This is my first entry as I start blogging my daily adventures.

Right now just lazing aroung in my bed, trying to get this blog on its feet before I rush to passport office . Lost my passport & need one on urgent basis for going to Germany…

Will post in detail tonight, about my passport office adventures. Will publish this now to get my first post out of the way.