Single Girls Guide to Modern Arranged Marriages : How to get the best out of Internet Matrimonial sites

Being practical in the scenario of arranged marriages comes easy, yet somehow while dreaming of our knight in shining armor we forget about practicalities and make ourselves vulnerable ( am speaking from my personal experience ).

 Be clear about what you want / do not want in the guy. Take 30 minutes to visualize your life partner and write down all the qualities you want.  Take 10 minutes to prune the list to must have / non negotiable qualities and the divide them into two parts – limit it a max of 10 attributes . My list looks like below



2. Should earn more than me ( Indian men and their ego )

3. Height above 5’4 below 5’11 ( considering my height )

4. Max age difference of 5 year

5. Never married before


1. Romantic

2. Intelligent

3. Funny

4. Should love to travel

5. Independent


Add auto filters based on your actual list. And no this cannot be relaxed if you don’t want to regret your decision later on. Ladies I have relaxed my list and accepted men who did not met my criterion – all it leads to is heart break. Was unable to commit to the guy because the criterion was to critical to me – example could not imagine kissing a guy who had just had meat.

Get 3 good photographs for your account.

1.  A casual photograph in  Jeans

2.  A closeup with natural makeup

3. A photograph in formal wear – Saree / Salwar kameez / gown / dress

Be Honest in your Write-up : Give a brief introduction about you & your family. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Do not go into details no one has time and be honest. Do not dress your profile or pretend to be someone you are not.

Send Interests : Girls can send interests too. Do not worry weather it will look okay or not , go ahead and send interests to any guys you like.

Chat online : Create a separate gmail id for your matrimonial mails. You can use this id to chat with prospective suitors , also these days all the matrimonial sites allow you to chat with members if you are paid member.


Wish you all the best for your groom – hunt online. Wait for my next post on chatting Do’s / Dont’s


Finding an apartment : Single girl checklist

I have been living alone in Pune, for about 3 years now…Decided to look for a new flat to rent as lease was about to expire, was facing some problems with landlord and wanted to move to a place, where I will have some kind of social life.

Shortlisted Aundh as  the final location, but finding a nice apartment to my liking and in my budget was a tough job.

Started with looking at 1 bedroom flat and finally zeroed in on a 2 bhk apartment. During this month long house hunt learnt that any single girl living alone should check the following things before finalizing the apartment.

1> General safety of location

2>Availability of parking space if you drive or distance from the bus stop / auto stand.

3> Frequency of public transport

4> Approach to your flat – is it well lighted & safe

5> Is there enough public around & is the area well lit during your normal commute timings

6> Actual commute timing ( it may be close, but due to traffic conditions , may take  a longer time , so check it out before finalizing)

7> Never take a flat on ground floor – its easiest to break into

8> If possible opt for a flat in a society, with security guards. If not possible check with neighbours on security

9> Distance from nearest grocery store – you are bound to forget a few items, you wantesd to buy & a nearby grocery store will come in handy for those urgent purchases.

Other things you may want to consider are nearness to gym/beauty parlour/home-delivery/mess/doctor/chemist etc.

Have fun, house hunting.