About Me


I’m a normal single girl, living alone (in Pune) , working with a MNC – a girl who is tired of her current life and wants to be a new me who is rich , successful , highly motivated, supremely confident , graciously self assured , beautiful , extremely fit ,lean & slim , highly desirable & thoroughly loved… Sounds like a tough task but I believe I CAN do it and am starting on this new path with faith & hope, will be taking baby steps in the beginning hoping that I can run later as I gain confidence in me to make the CHANGES I know I need to make as I leave the old life behind… I wish that you as the reader of my blog will be my support system , giving me suggestions , motivating me with your kind words & scolding me if you feel that I am not challenging myself the way I need to…

This blog is also about my daily adventures as I juggle my career , try to find the right guy to get married ( any single Indian Girl crossing 30 is under tremendous pressure to settle down ) & just survive in the city.

So, join me on my journey.


11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi,
    I was googling for ways to make coffee using microwave and came across ur blog.
    Was going thru ur posts and came across ur post on coming out of heartbreak. U r a strong girl.
    Thanks for posting the solutions for lot of things. Keep posting and writing these helpful tips.

  2. Im impressed d way u live and u hv becum a source of inspiration for me….Im also living alone in Delhi….but very happy being alone….gud to know about u….All d best…!!!

  3. Hey, I’m an intern in a Pr firm and wanted to contact you regarding your blog. An Any chance you can send me your email Id to contact you?

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