My 30 Goals to be completed by End of 2017


  1. Write and publish a book every 3 months
  2. Sell and earn at least 1 crore in commission from Property Sales
  3. Create a strong network in upcoming areas under DMIC & have thorough knowledge of area
  4. Invest in small properties to earn at least 1% from lease ( goal to earn 5 lacs from lease rent )
  5. Study and get certified as investment consultant
  6. Invest in start-ups
  7. Have saving of 10 lacs in bank
  8. Be E.M.I free
  9. Create an online blog with 1000+ subscribers
  10. Create 7 paid online courses
  11. Earn a Master’s in Finance
  12. Complete Certified Financial Planner
  13. Ensure that I’m on track to earn 1 crore a month by end of 2016
  14. Attend 1 international business women conference


  1. Get married
  2. Ensure that mom dad have financial security and are paid 10 % of my earnings
  3. Ensure that they don’t feel alone or unloved
  4. Have a child
  5. Travel to Europe for a month
  6. Go for a family vacation with mom – dad , mishit , hubby and his family
  7. Start driving
  8. Learn swimming
  9. Exercise daily for 1 hour
  10. Learn yoga
  11. Go to a health retreat for 1 month
  12. Get a complete makeover
  13. Lose weight to be 50 Kg
  14. Sponsor education of 5 girls
  15. Bring home a dog
  16. Donate time at orphanage /for animals on regular basis.



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