Passport Office Woes


Needed a passport in a hurry , lost my last passport & have to go to Germany in May ( just moved into a global profile, which will require loads of travel )


Landed at passport office at 11:30 A.M , based on time given to me by my agent ( yeah went for one , didnt have time to get my paperwork done). The agent helped me complete my paperwork , while I sat in comfort & had a nice glass of juice.

Then, came shock of the lifetime – I had to to pay 3 times the fees as required by passport authority to these torts. Couldn’t turn back then as the papers were already signed & done. 

But, all said & done about the fee part it took me only an hour to get the whole paperwork processed at the passport office, while there were huge queues inside waiting for their chance since the morning. The callous attitude of the passport officers towards the throngs was to be seen to be believed.

There was a young lady in queue who had a 10 month old babe with her- but she was made to move from queue to queue to get her work done, in the summer heat.

Made me wonder when will our processes improve so that young mothers & elderly people will not have to suffer, when we dont have to depend on torts to get our passports ready on time.

But till that happens, go ahead answer this simple poll


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